Review: Bloodeye by Craig Saunders

Review: Bloodeye by Craig Saunders

Bloodeye by Craig Saunders Dark Fiction/Mystery DarkFuse October 2014 A young widower teeters on the edge of insanity as a shadowy killer carves a bloody third eye in his victims in a sometimes confusing novella, Bloodeye by Craig Saunders. Keane Reid misses his dead wife, who was killed mysteriously seven years earlier. The former crime […]

Weekend Reads


Hello to all our Great Readers out there!! It’s September here at BookFoodies. This week we found ourselves enjoying the first day of Autumn. A lot of us love the colors of the falling leaves as well as some of those yummy Fall comfort foods;) “My heart is drumming in my chest so hard it aches, […]

Blueberry-Lemon White Chocolate Chip Cookies By Carly Duncan

Carly Duncan Cookies

  All I can say is, “Yummy!” Special thanks to Carly Duncan for dropping by to share this cookie recipe, which is a perfect compliment to tea, coffee – or just by themselves! – Angela Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t enjoy a sweet treat? (If so, never introduce us. We’d have nothing […]

Christina Lorenzen’s Debut Novel


Astraea Press author, Christina Lorenzen, has released her debut novel, A Husband for Danna. Blurb: Off and running! In her frenzied quest to escape from a groom her father has chosen for her, Danna Rashba ‘borrows’ a limousine parked on Main Street. The last thing on her mind is finding a groom from another wedding […]

Spanish Omelette by Jeff Gillis

Spanish omelette recipe

As part of our GetFisk book tour, author Jeff Gillis shares this scrumptuous recipe for tortilla de patatas (aka spanish omelette) I attended this cooking school in Sevilla Spain for 3 months a few years ago and learned some great recipes including paella, arroz con leche and espinaca con garbanzos (spinach with beans) but the one I use […]

GetFisk: Pirate Lair by Jeff Gillis

Get Fisk pulp serial

    This spirited thriller is a fast read with lots of action, sexy characters, international intrigue and a dose of pulp fiction. Pirate Lair is part of “GetFisk,” a unique new serial that marries international espionage with Sin City-like graphics and videos. It’s the first e-book I’ve read that combines multimedia with prose styled […]

What Strange Creatures by Emily Arsenault


Origins: I received this book from It is available for sale right now in Paperback, E-book, and Audio Formats. The book was released for sale in July of 2014. Please keep in mind, the copy of What Strange Creatures I received is an Uncorrected Proof. This means that changes may be made in this proof copy before […]

Weekend Reads


Hello to all our Great Readers out there!! It’s a new month here at BookFoodies.  In August a lot of us come back out of our summer relaxing to our tightened up Autumn routines. I know just for my little family this includes going back to my fulltime job and school (for the kids and myself). Wishing […]

Review: Blackout by Tim Curran


This blend of several science fiction plot twists fell short of becoming a must-read for me. In Blackout by Tim Curran, the residents of a sleepy neighborhood must find a way to outwit an alien predator with a new agenda for the human race. It starts with strange lights flashing during a thunderous storm. When […]