The A-Z guide of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The A-Z guide of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

You may have heard about this famous British series which was based on novels by J.K Rowling. Anyways, let’s talk about this game, so this game is a role-playing where you’re an infamous kid of Hogwarts and you’ve to find the mystery behind your brother’s disappearing mysteriously. Every step of this game is full of suspense and you’ll come across thousands of circumstances to face. While getting into the school you’ll need some books and all stuff and this is where the game starts and you got to choose your unique name.

Here are few basic tips and tricks that can help you win this game with ease by using Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack. So let us find out –

Picking up a wand

If you’ve followed the book series by J.K Rowling then you would’ve known about the importance of your first wand. This wand doesn’t have an impact on the game but it will help you answer the question asked of you by Ollivander.

You’ll be asked some questions and if you answer determined then you’ll be given a new 11-inch wand with a dragon string core. So now if you answer that you’re angry then you’ll be given a new wand used by the witches i.e. a black 11-inch wand with a unicorn hair core. And if you answer is that you feel sorry for your brother then you’ll be given a 12-inch acacia wand with unicorn hair core and is mainly used by sensitive wizards.


Choosing your House

Now that you’ve got into the school then it is time to choose your house that you want to represent. You should be careful while choosing as choose a suitable house that you really love. Although choosing a house doesn’t have any impact on your game but it would be your desired house to have fun.

Once you’ve got into a house now you’ve to keep an eye on the house cup that you’ll need in order to level up your game. Focus on winning the cup as this will award you with 100 gems that are primary currency in this game. Members of each house are given some points depending on their gameplay and you have to be smart enough not to make any foul or something that violates playing rules. Violating such rules can deduct your points.

Refilling your Energy bar

Before going into a class or quest, you have to be sure about your energy as you have to be filled with enough energy. If you don’t have enough energy then you’ll end up waiting for energy being in the quests and you’ll have nothing to do instead of staring at the paused screen. If in case you can’t find enough energy exploring then you’ll end up failing the task or you’ll run out of time easily.

Bottom Line

I hope this guide work out successfully for you all. Stay tuned for more such stuff as I’ll be coming up more such stuff for you all, visit and watch Hogwarts Mystery Cheats Video.