Episode – Choose your story: How to create a story?

Episode – Choose your story: How to create a story?

Well, if you’re much of a simulation fan then this amazing RPG game is for you. This will let you dive into the virtual world full of fantasy and you can even play being any gender you want, This gem is so real ad developer has really made it so awesome. Developed by Episode Interactive, this game can be played on android and iOS on both platforms. In order to play this game with much ease, I would suggest you keep reading as we’ve come up with something very interesting.

There are many interesting features in this game and you can play this game with these features without getting bored. The one feature that we’re going to talk about in this guide is Stories. No, not the one that is available for all but the stories made by you and this will take you a long way up if you keep on following this guide. So let’s start –

How to make-up your own story

It is pretty easy when it comes to creating a story. But it is easy only for those who take this task seriously and you should be having some good ideas to attract an audience and engage as much as you can. There are many people creating stories but you’ve to come up with something special, something that everyone dreams of doing and trust me once you’ve learned about making up a story and get to know about your ideas then you’ll find it much easier to make up a story.

So that you’ve decided to create a story in Episode Choose your story hack then you’ll find it much easier as to do something, all you need is a start. In order to start you can either login to the app or you can simply visit their websites where you can customize characters and making a real-life story helps a lot to attract audience as most of the people love to play a real-life story and it will make your audience more real as it really happened in the real world.

Now all you need to do is to login with either Facebook or any other given options. Now you can see three lines on the top left and you have to find creation studios in there. It will launch the creation studios and you’ll end up where you can create your own stories. Try to customize your character look more real and sometimes it is hard to work on stories in a browser so try to use a mobile app if possible.

Bottom line

So this is all about this game and all you really need to know can’t be explained better. There are many more things about this game but one of the most important things that you should know in order to grow in this game is to make stories. These stories can give you a lot of rewards and trust me these tips will help you out successfully.