Strategy, Defense and Battle Formation in Clash of Kings

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The game Clash of Kings is easily available for every person on the globe. It is a strategy based game which includes many strategies, defense techniques, and battle formation to lead the game properly. The main work we have to do in the game is that we should always upgrade our dragons or heroes with the help of gold that we earn with Clash Of Kings Hack. It helps us to increase the strength of our dragons as they play better in the war, and are ready to protect our buildings and castle from the enemies.


Making strategies is essential in every game as they help us to lead the game. Some of these are as follows:

  • We should always try to upgrade our troops before the war is going to start.
  • We should use troop mastering as they help in become stronger, collect resources quickly and improve faster.
  • Another thing is that the building formation we establish is in a proper way. This helps us in attacking and defending both while the war is going.
  • If we want to win the war, we have to know our enemy’s power and skills early.
  • The most valuable strategy is that we distribute the targets or work to the army.
  • We have to study the skills and abilities of an enemy’s key player.


It means we have to protect our castle or buildings from the enemy’s attack. It is of two types namely- avert and fight back. In avert we have to use our shield, and on the other hand, we have fight back with our enemies. In avert we should use the traps which are very useful as they kill a lot of your enemies. In the fight back we have to do the unexpected things.

Battle formation

In this, we have to build a perfect strategy to lead the team in war. It is the most important part of the game because it decides the winner. A good formation is only formed by upgrading the army and troops. We should make the formation after knowing about the enemy’s key player and skills.



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